Outstanding Ideas to Decorate Your Concrete Driveway

Posted on: 23 March 2016

Concrete driveways are well known for their high versatility and durability levels, which is why they rank so high in the most popular driveways list. Since the driveway is a part of the exterior that really shapes the feel and look of your home, it's paramount to have it in top notch condition. It's almost useless having a spectacular exterior and cracked driveway because that will stick in the mind of all your visitors and create a bad impression. So if you want to give your driveway a proper decorative remodel, here are some of the best ways to do it.

Concrete Engraving

This is one way of giving your driveway a new glamorous look. Here, the concrete is etched using special tools and designs and patterns are drawn over it. This kind of treatment is permanent and unlike adding additional toppings, it won't wear off. You can be sure it'll look good all the way. However, that means you should get a well trained professional to do it for you, and you need to have a clear picture of what you want.

Additionally, engraving concrete can be done on an existing driveway without having to resurface it or start over.

Use Coloured Concrete

You can also choose to go for coloured concrete. This is simply decorative concrete that's designed to match other elements such as stones or bricks. Using coloured concrete can be an amazing way to blend the driveway with the architectural style of your home. So if you've got a stoned exterior, you could mimic that look on your driveway to bring out a uniform feel.

You could also use layering of different colours and produce a multi-toned effect that would immensely beautify your home. The colours are usually added to the concrete on site or at the mix plant.

Use Decorative Overlay

Another option would be to simply surface the driveway using decorative overlay. The overlay is normally a thick mixture of aggregates, cement and polymer resins that cover the existing surface to smoothen them out or add dramatic effects. This technique gets the concrete back to its fresh new look particularly if it was pitted and discoloured. You can also choose to add an overlay that's different from the one you originally had to give off a different aura and feel. Adding an overlay can also be a good way of customising the surface, and you can do this by dying or staining the driveway.