Finishes You Could Choose For Your Concrete Flooring

Posted on: 14 March 2017

Since concrete is one of the most durable materials that you could choose for flooring, it has remained a mainstay in households as well as commercial premises. Nevertheless, some people may find the appearance of concrete harsh and industrial and they'll resort to covering this flooring with carpeting when used for interior applications. To make this flooring more appealing for the indoors, there have been an assortment of finishes that have been created. These finishes not only enhance the aesthetics of the concrete but also function to prolong its lifespan by acting as a protective coating. Below are some of the finishes that you could choose for your concrete flooring.

Chemical stains

With this type of finish, chemical compounds are poured onto the concrete surface to create a reaction This reaction typically results in the change of colour of the concrete flooring. Therefore, it is an ideal option for people who are looking to add a pop of colour to their otherwise dull, boring and grey concrete. Chemical staining is also a good way to create designs on your concrete flooring. The contractors will apply the chemicals using techniques such as spraying or brushing to create patterns during the process. It should be noted that the designs created through chemical staining will be abstract as you cannot determine how the chemical reaction will occur on the surface of the concrete.


This type of concrete finish is created when the concrete has been freshly laid; the concrete flooring still needs to be wet so that the contractors can stamp your desired design directly onto the concrete. It should be noted that his type of concrete finish tends to be harder to create indoors, so it is better suited to concrete flooring that is being used for outdoor applications. Concrete stamping is a popular option for people who would like to mimic paving patterns of other materials such as brick. The stamping has to be finished in a short duration so that the marks left behind cure with the concrete flooring.


This type of finish is available in powder form. The contractor will sprinkle it onto the concrete surface while the concrete is still wet. The concrete's water content is then attracted to the surface by the powder and bonds with this compound. This functions to create a hard substance on the surface of the concrete. Hardeners are great for use in tandem with chemical staining as it allows you to create unique, colourful patterns while also sealing the surface of your flooring.

Depending exactly how the concrete will be used in your home or business, options like exposed aggregate could also be worth trying.