4 Concrete Projects to Consider for a Stunning Modern Home

Posted on: 22 July 2019

For the industrial modernist at heart, the good old concrete is the go-to material for a touch of textural contrast to smoother and more polished finishes. Infinitely customisable, concrete doesn't discriminate spaces or purpose and can make a beautiful modern home once you look past the popular misconception of being too dull-looking. 

Here are a few clever ways you can incorporate concrete in and around your home.

1. Kitchen Countertops

A little edgier than other countertop materials, concrete makes for a durable kitchen countertop and is easy to customise in both colour and layout. Concrete also favours the ability to unite with other elements in your home, especially if you have a concrete floor.  

Eco-friendly, the material offers a clean simple look, is easy to clean and could literally last a lifetime. What's more, you can colour or stain your countertops in a variety of colours to match the overall design of your home. 

2. Driveway 

In addition to increased value and kerb appeal of your home, concrete is incredibly cost-effective and can offer years of use without needing much repair. It makes perfect sense in a driveway where it will be durable enough to perform well under extreme weather conditions. 

If you are looking past the standard light grey driveway, you can ask your concrete contractor on the coloured options available to you. You can also choose to install a stamped surface to add a pleasing texture to your driveway or include exposed aggregates for a highly textured look.

3. Patio 

Thanks to the versatility of concrete, your patio will never have the same look like your neighbour's. Whether installed around a pool, around an outdoor grill for the whole family to enjoy or as a sitting area for entertaining, concrete is one of the best construction materials as it is affordable, low maintenance and stunningly beautiful. 

Concrete can be stamped or coloured to create graceful flowing curves that match or complement your home's design and finish. 

4. Garden Walls

Versatile and clean, processionary installed concrete garden walls usually blend nicely into any surrounding landscape. With a variety of options from including, precast concrete panels, concrete blocks and poured-in-place concrete, you can easily customise your garden walls to resemble a variety of materials, such as stone. 

Whether for landscape retention or for aesthetic appeal, concrete garden walls will offer your home a visually impressive look without compromising functionality. 

Concrete is one of the construction materials that has stood the test of time and proven its worth in the construction industry. Besides the above-highlighted ideas, there are many other concrete projects that you can undertake in your home. To turn your ideas into reality, seek out a contractor who offers concrete services for advice and construction.