How Asphalt Provides an Easy Upkeep Surface for Driveways

Posted on: 9 December 2020

When your driveway needs new paving, you'll have various options to consider. One possibility, asphalt, creates a low-maintenance surface which you can quickly repair and even renew. These upkeep benefits make this paving option perfect for driveways.

No Weeds

Weeds create a neglected look across paved surfaces. Brick, concrete and stone pavers can shift, allowing weeds to sprout in between. However, you don't have to worry about bits of grass ruining your asphalt surface. Not only will a weedless top create a sleek drive, but you'll eliminate a tedious maintenance task. 

Seamless Repairs of Potholes and Cracks

If an asphalt surface develops cracks and holes, contractors can seal them with extra asphalt and then smooth the new patch seamlessly. Thus, the repairs blend in with the rest of the surface, rather than standing out. Concrete cracks, however, create an eyesore that is virtually impossible to mend so perfectly.

Resurfacing Option

Asphalt provides a malleable material to work with. Once an old driveway wears down, contractors can resurface it with a new asphalt layer spread over the top. They'll first seal any cracks and holes. 

In this way, you can avoid the major construction job of ripping up the old surface first. Additionally, you can drive almost at once on new asphalt. Concrete, however, requires about a week of curing before it can carry the weight of a vehicle.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Asphalt forms extremely durable surfaces that adapt to the elements. It won't crack like concrete does when it expands and contracts with weather fluctuations. Nor does asphalt crack when the earth shifts underneath, as it can flex somewhat in response. Make sure to seal the surface as per recommendations to prevent it from drying out and crumbling. Also, don't allow potholes and cracks to worsen, as they allow water to get inside the paving, which weakens its structure.

Thus, asphalt driveways provide a smart paving option. They don't demand much maintenance, as they can endure harsh conditions without cracking. If asphalt develops potholes or cracks, contractors can conveniently repair the surface to look seamless. You also have the option of resurfacing, which involves spreading a fresh asphalt layer over the top of the old driveway. Thus, you won't have the expense and inconvenience of ripping up the surface — you can refresh it. Additionally, you'll have a seamless surface without gaps through which plants can sprout, so you'll never need to bother with weeding.