• Steel Building Structures: Three Connection Options for Your Custom Project

    When building your home, you will need to incorporate custom steel elements into the structure. This material is suitable for diverse structural and non-structural applications. For example, you can choose this material when fabricating bespoke roof trusses, reinforcing bars for concrete features and even other elements like handrails and supports for decking roofs. When ordering these types of custom steel building structures, it is important to think about the right connections.
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  • Important Tips for Successfully Handling Your Own Concrete Cutting

    Core or concrete cutting can be handled by homeowners on their own, but cutting through concrete is not like cutting through wood or any other such common material. It's vital that you understand how to cut through concrete properly before you even begin, so you know the work will be successful and you don't wind up causing damage to your garage floor, basement wall, and the like. Note some important tips for successfully handling your own core drilling at home and remember to call a contractor if the work gets too complicated or isn't proceeding according to plans.
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