• Options for Decorating a Concrete Driveway

    Concrete creates robust and enduring driveways that can endure heavy vehicles and the elements. However, you may prefer something more attractive than a grey slab. If so, you could place decorative concrete, which you can stylise in numerous ways to harmonise with your kerb view. Here are some options to decorate concrete driveways. Stamped Concrete One possibility is textured stamped concrete. To create textures, contractors press rubber stamps onto the unset concrete, leaving grooves and indents in the paving when it dries.
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  • Ways Travertine Pavers Enhance a Backyard

    If you're looking for pavers to spread across your patio or pool deck, why not consider travertine? Read on to discover ways this rock will enhance your backyard. Beauty One of the main attributes of travertine pavers is their beautiful colours and patterns. This rock exhibits earthy shades like ivory, fawn, peach, and pink. Plus, it displays pretty swirls and streaks reminiscent of marble. No matter where you install these pavers, you'll enjoy a lovelier environment.
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