Ways Travertine Pavers Enhance a Backyard

Posted on: 8 March 2021

If you're looking for pavers to spread across your patio or pool deck, why not consider travertine? Read on to discover ways this rock will enhance your backyard.


One of the main attributes of travertine pavers is their beautiful colours and patterns. This rock exhibits earthy shades like ivory, fawn, peach, and pink. Plus, it displays pretty swirls and streaks reminiscent of marble. No matter where you install these pavers, you'll enjoy a lovelier environment.


A backyard can become deluged with rainwater and puddles at times, growing dangerously slippery. So the paving you spread around the area needs to be safe. Travertine with a tumbled finish is textured and porous, and it absorbs water, which restricts rain puddles. Plus, interlocking pavers sit on a sand and gravel base that drains any rain that seeps in between. Around a pool deck, you can lay travertine pavers using grout and rely on their excellent traction to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Travertine is an extremely tough stone that can last for thousands of years. You only need to consider the Colosseum in Rome, which has travertine elements. Ensure that you seal the pavers, though, to prevent drink and food permeating the tiny surface holes to cause stains. If you're laying a driveway, consider using smaller pavers, which are less likely to crack than larger ones. Your contractor can advise what's best for your particular installation.

Shapes and Colours

Travertine pavers are available in diverse shapes and sizes, which you can combine to create interesting designs. For a classic look, lay large expansive square pavers with minimal joins. Otherwise, install a decorative ashlar pattern that mixes pavers: two different-sized square pavers and two different-sized rectangular ones. In any case, travertine is so attractive that simple, minimal designs will allow the rock's natural appeal to speak for itself.


You can install these stone pavers in many places, both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to create cohesion in your home design. A patio, pool deck, path, or driveway will all be enhanced with lovely travertine.  Additionally, you can install this rock inside, around your bathroom or in a living area. Travertine's earthy hues generate a warmth that is not so strong in other stones like slate and granite, making it suitable for more places. With travertine's looks, durability, and safe-textured surface, these pavers are extraordinarily versatile, and you can install them virtually anywhere.