Why It Is Advisable to Use GPR Scanning Before Cutting Concrete

Posted on: 5 August 2015

It is advisable to scan concrete before you cut it. Scanning the concrete enables contractors to know what is within and behind/under the concrete so that they avoid accidents like electrocution of workers as they cut the concrete. This article discusses why you should ask the concrete cutting company whether they intend to use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to scan the concrete on your property before cutting it.

Non-Destructive Testing

You can identify all underground utilities or features like rebar without having to damage any surrounding structures in an attempt to inspect what lies beneath the concrete that you want to cut. This technology will ensure that your structures remain intact during the renovation as only the part to be cut will be affected.

Cost Reduction

Any efficiency that the concrete cutting contractor achieves can translate into a lower bill for you and that is why you should request for GPR scanning of your property. This is because the contractor will avoid the high cost of paying workers to drill pilot cores within the concrete in order to see what lies underneath it. The shorter time needed to scan your concrete wall or floor also means the renovation project will be completed sooner so the workers' billable hours will be few. These efficiencies will trickle down to you so it makes financial sense for you to ask the contractor to use GPR scanning before cutting your concrete wall/slab.

Risk Reduction

Imagine the damage that would happen to your property if water mains were hit as a contractor cut into the floor of your kitchen. Imagine what would happen if an underground electrical cable was cut as workers cut a concrete slab on your property in order to dig channels for supplemental storm drains. The contractor's insurance may cover such risks, but you would still be affected in some way if such an eventuality occurred. For instance, a deluge of water may ruin your beautiful flowers once water mains are hit. Avoid suffering needless inconveniences by requesting the contractor to scan the property prior to beginning concrete cutting activities.

It is important to note there are other scanning technologies such as the use of X-rays, but such technologies may have shortcomings that make GPR a better option. For instance, X-rays pose a radiation risk to people around the site so you should be emphatic in your request for the use of GPR since it does not pose such a threat.